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Frequently Asked Questions


Can I hang flowers or draping from the ceiling?

Short answer, YES!

Long answer: Prior approval is required of ALL decorations brought to The Homestead. For example, if your decor installation includes a plan to hang floral and/or fabric/draping from the rafters and/or ceilings in any area(s) of The Homestead, pre-approval as to the means of installation is required. While we encourage you to make The Homestead your own for your event, we just ask that we all be on the same page in re: to your decor plan. One team, one dream!

Can I use real candles in my decor plan?

Short answer, YES! We LOVE candles! Long answer: The use of lit candles is restricted to table decorations & in limited areas of the Ceremony. They must be drip less, and secured in a glass container with the glass enclosure taller than the candle and its flame. A decor plan must be approved by The Homestead management prior to the event. Unlike other venues, we do not require you to hire an on-site "firewatch" for your event. This is a savings of $300+ for you. As long as candles are used in a responsible fashion, we welcome the use of them!

Can I use Sparklers for my Send-Off?

YES! Sparklers are allowed for send-offs. Sparklers must be smokeless and used outside only, with venue doors closed. If sparklers are used, an extinguisher bucket(s) of sand or water must be provided for guests’ disposal. Coordinator will dispose of used sparklers. If a burn ban has been posted for Montgomery County, the use of Sparklers will not be allowed at any time on the property. Many thanks for your understanding re: this responsible policy.

What type(s) of decor is not permitted?

Glitter, confetti, streamers, LOOSE helium balloons, rice, hay or birdseed are not permitted and must NOT be used as part of decorations. The use of fog, bubble and confetti machines IS permitted with prior approval and managed (& cleaned up!) by a professional, contracted vendor.

Can I have a fireworks display at my Event?

YES! Fireworks are allowed at The Homestead if under the direction and execution of a licensed and insured pyrotechnic company. The only reason the use of fireworks will be prohibited by a reputable, licensed and insured pyrotechnic company is if a burn ban has been posted for Montgomery County. Many thanks for your understanding re: this responsible policy.


Am I required to hire a Coordinator / Planner?

For events that are Weddings, The Homestead requires at minimum, a reputable licensed and insured Day-Of Coordinator be formally hired by the Client for the contracted Reservation Date.

Can I schedule a Rehearsal?

Client Rehearsals are welcome to take place on the contracted Reservation Date during the contracted Rental Period. Morning-Of, Upon-Arrival Rehearsals are fantastic because they are quick & efficient; not to mention, you have the full focus of your Bridal Party with it being the Big Day!

Do I need Day-Of insurance?

​Proof of comprehensive liability insurance ​($1mm) ​is required for all events contracted at The Homestead. Insurance can be purchased easily online ​through companies like ​WEDSAFE and by other means via a licensed Insurance Agent. Typical investment for the policy we require is ​less than ​$​200​ total (based on coverage and guest count). While it's not required, The Homestead recommends you obtain Event Cancellation / Postponement Insurance in case a cancellation is necessary.​

Is my Security Deposit refundable?

YES! A refundable Security Deposit of $1,000 is due 30 days prior to your contracted Reservation Date. If The Homestead is left in mint condition (as it was presented when you arrived on your event day) you will receive your full Security Deposit back within 30 days post-event.

What's included in my Rental?

Rental of The Homestead on the contracted Reservation Date will include: (1) use of The Homestead's inventoried tables, chairs (up to 500 chairs - 275 for Ceremony & 275 for Reception) and furniture, (note: linens and tablescape rentals are not included in the venue rental) (2) use of furniture on the Patio and under the Covered Porch area, (3) use of The Homestead facilities and property for ONE, 2-hour scheduled Bridal OR Engagement portrait session (subject to availability and must be pre-scheduled on a mutually agreeable date), (4) use of all public spaces of The Homestead on the contracted Reservation date, including two secured and private dressing Suites, (5) security officer(s) from Event Start to Event End Time on the contracted Reservation Date, (6) set-up/take-down of tables and chairs, (7) on-site Venue Manager for the entirety of the Rental Period on the contracted Reservation Date. Note, the Venue Manager will only be responsible for explaining functionality of the building and ensuring The Homestead's policies are upheld.

What time(s) do I have access during my Rental?

Rental Period hours are 10AM until 11:59PM, with overtime hours as optional add-ons. If no additional hours are added to the Rental Period, all music, food and beverage service must end by 11PM. The time from 11PM to Midnight is to be used for clean-up, vendor breakdown and removal of all belongings and decorations.

Can I take my Engagement or Bridal Portraits at The Homestead?

YES! Included in your Rental of The Homestead includes use of our facilities and property for ONE, 2-hour scheduled Bridal OR Engagement portrait session. We just require that you pre-schedule this with us on a mutually agreeable date.

What if I have to reschedule because of a Force Majeure Event?

We are happy to apply the entire balance of your deposits and prepayments, towards another mutually agreeable, single event date within 120 days of the original contracted Reservation Date; subject to The Homestead's availability and any mandates enforce because of the Force Majeure "Event". Other rescheduling options and details can be shared upon inquiry and/or in your Rental Agreement. The Homestead recommends that you obtain Event Cancellation / Postponement Insurance in case a cancellation is necessary.

How do I share my event details with you?

A Pre-Event Meeting will be scheduled 15-30 days prior to your contracted Reservation Date on-site at The Homestead or virtually. Client(s) must be in attendance as well as their contracted Coordinator. At this Pre-Event Meeting a list of Client's vendor team must be submitted to The Homestead as well as a close to final Day-Of Timeline and finalized AllSeated floorplan(s), reflecting the Final Event Guest Count and room set(s). Any and all decor and floral plans must be pre-approved by The Homestead at this Pre-Event Meeting, if not beforehand.

How do you feel about pets?

Short answer: We LOVE pets!
Long answer: With prior approval from The Homestead, personal pets may be permitted for the Ceremony time and/or photo sessions. Miniature animals provided by The Homestead and/or by a licensed and insured handler will also be considered if prior approval is requested. Re: all animal event involvement, once their involvement has ended, arrangements must be made for the animal(s) to immediately leave The Homestead grounds. If a personal pet is used for photos and/or the Ceremony, the pet must either leave the premises, be safely and securely placed into the owner's vehicle OR must be crated AND leashed and the crate must be placed in our private and temperature controlled Storage Room until the end of the event. All personal animals must be removed from the premises once the event has ended, no exceptions. Animals are not allowed to roam and/or be crated in either of the Suites, under any circumstances. Certified service animals are always welcome at The Homestead!


What if I only need to use part of The Homestead for my event?

Regardless of how much of the space/property you utilize for your event, the fee for your desired day/month remains the same.

Can I bring in my own alcohol?

All alcoholic beverages served or consumed at The Homestead must be purchased, supplied and served by The Homestead. Please visit our BAR Page for more info about our customizable packages!

Can I hire my own Vendors?

YES! The only two exceptions are your food and drink. These items must be purchased through The Homestead and The Posh Affair. Exceptions include items either company are unable to provide because it is an item that is out of their realm of expertise. All Vendors’ company and Day-Of contact names and contact information will be provided to The Homestead by the Client and/or their Coordinator at the Pre-Event Meeting. The Homestead requires all vendors to carry General Liability Coverage. The Vendor's COI must name THD LLC as an additional insured with a minimum of $1mm in general liability coverage. This policy shall be in force on the contracted Reservation Date.

How do I schedule a tour of The Homestead?

In February 2021 we will start scheduling Private Tours > book yours in advance, by clicking HERE.

How far is The Homestead from major cities in Texas?

The Homestead is conveniently located 90 seconds off of Interstate 45. We are only 18 minutes from Huntsville, 50 minutes from Houston, 1 hour from College Station & 2.5 hours from Waco, Austin & DFW.

Are there any hotels near The Homestead?

The Homestead is conveniently located 90 seconds off of Interstate 45, in Willis, Texas. There's at least 30 hotels within a stone's throw from us; many options in Conroe are less than 10 minutes away and are a straight shot down I-45. The Woodlands Waterway has many other hotel & entertainment options about 20 minutes away. New to the lodging scene is the Margaritaville Resort on Lake Conroe - it too is nearby, only 23 miles down the road!

Can I easily get a ride-share to/from The Homestead?

YES! Unlike most venues, you can EASILY reserve a ride-share (Uber/Lyft/taxi) to/from The Homestead. Since we are conveniently located 90 seconds off of Interstate 45, your safe ride is literally a tap away!

How many guests can The Homestead accommodate?

The Homestead has the ability to accommodate parties of up to 260 guests for a seated dinner (in Reception Room only); its layout also has the unique ability to allow an intimate ambiance for smaller gatherings- WELCOME HOME.

Is the Venue Rental taxed?

NO, the Venue Rental is not taxable, because: our facility is not located in a building that has sleeping accommodations, the rental is not connected to the sale of a taxable item such as prepared food (your food and beverage will be billed and taxed seperately) and the rental does not include or constitute access to an amusement service. Great news, right?! This proves to be a great amount of savings for you!